A bookshop dedicated to the world of cycling, where passion for cycling in all its forms merges with books. Children’s literature, travel, stories, novels, training, technique… There is something for every taste. Discover a captivating universe where two wheels meet words at Enjoy Vélos Épinal.

A book, a cyclist

The range of books at Enjoy Vélos Épinal’s bookshop has been carefully curated by the Quai des mots and Vélo Vert to celebrate the diversity of cycling across eras, disciplines, and inspiring stories. 

Whether you’re seasoned cyclist, an enthusiastic amateur, or simply interested in the wolrd of cycling, this collection offers a book for everyone.

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Camille Baordi Franchi dédicace son livre sur Enjoy Vélos Épinal 2024

Meet the authors

Visiting the Enjoy Vélos Épinal bookshop also offers the privilege of meeting and exchanging with authors. It’s a rare and memorable moment that allows the general public  to discover the people behind the words, photos, and illustrations. It’s also an opportunity to gather personalized advice, unheard-of anecdotes, and get dedications for yourself or as gifts. 

👈 Camille Boirdi-Franchi – “À vélo en famille”

Stories on two wheels

Explore the shelves of the bookshop and immerse yourself in epic tales of mountain conquests, biographies of legendary cyclists, practical guides for bike maintenance, perspectives on society and the environment, or even literary works that capture the adventurous spirit of those who choose the two-wheeled path.

The Enjoy Vélos Épinal team and Quai des mots showcase books that celebrate the beauty of landscapes, adventure, camaraderie among cyclists, discoveries, technological innovation, the evolution of society, etc. Their goal is to feed passion for cycling through pages that will transport you to the heart of the action and inspire you in your daily life.

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