Become a member of the organisation of Enjoy Vélos Épinal by joining the great family of super volunteers.

An unforgettable human adventure!




Become volunteer on the rides to be close to the participants.

On the races, you will be in contact with the participants, showing them the way and ensuring their safety. The participants are grateful for your presence and like to hear your encouragement.

Equipped with a car of the organization and a bike carrier, you assist the participants (mechanical breakdown, physical failure…) on the various races of the program and bring them back to the finish.

It is before the beginning of the event that you take care of the best preparation of the races. Thanks to the marking, the participant can evolve without getting lost on the paths. Once the event is over, it’s time to clear the paths so as not to leave any trace of our presence. Outside, the weather conditions can sometimes make this job difficult. It requires a good physical condition and knowledge of the sector.

During the event, you are on a MTB / electric-assist MTB and you ensure the good quality of the marking of the test paths and their security. Outside, the weather conditions can make this mission difficult. It requires a good physical condition and knowledge of the sector. 

Set up timing equipment, time races and ensure that it works correctly.

It is on your MTB or electric-assist MTB that you open or close the timed races and rides. Outside, the weather conditions can make this mission difficult. It requires a good physical condition and knowledge of the sector. 

This position consists in setting up and running the resupply zones. They are planned on each race, so you will be in contact with the participants. It sometimes requires handling.


Become a volunteer on the event to be close to the visitors

On the fair, at the info point huts, you will be the first contacts of the visitors and will answer their various questions (and if you know Épinal like the back of your hand, it is even better!).

You will have a privileged contact with participants on one of the different stages of our registration process. Knowledge of computer tools (iPad, computer) is recommended. Good mood and smile are a must. 

On the different parking areas, you will be in charge of the good circulation of the cars. Good mood, smile and reactivity for this mission.

Before the event, you will be in charge of setting up, marking and signposting the fair. During the event, you will be the privileged contact of the exhibitors.

At the various entrances of the fair, you will be the first contact for visitors and will have to ensure the security of the passages by carrying out a visual check of the bags. Good mood, smile and rigor for this mission.

Management, transportation, allocation, and return of equipment stocks for each volunteer team.

The PLV team is responsible for setting up and dismantling structures, banners, and podiums before and after the event.

At the fair and various locations of the festival, you ensure the cleanliness of the event.

At the bicycle storage area, you monitor and ensure their security.


To express our gratitude for your dedication, Enjoy Vélos Epinal organization offers you a Volunteer Pack tailored to your involvement:

  • 2 days of free testing
  • T-shirt Organization
  • A tote bag
  • Vélo Vert Magazine with the event recap along with a digital magazine subscription
  • Many other surprises are planned for you… Follow us on Facebook et Instagram to stay updated on the latest news.

Depending on your schedule, meals are provided for you as well as accommodations for external volunteers subject to availability.


The role of the volunteer referent is to manage a group of 5 to 10 volunteers.

His / her missions are important because they guarantee the smooth running of the Festival as well as the safety of the volunteers and the participants.



  • Contact your group of volunteers once you know their name, to ensure their availability and create a first link.
  • Attend the opening briefing of the festival to :
    • Meet the volunteers,
    • Find out the position of the emergency services or any other helpers on the site,
    • Agree on the organization and the meeting place with your different volunteers,
    • Collect your t-shirts and “Organization” badges!


  • Train volunteers.
  • Check that they have the necessary equipment.
  • Check their availability the day before and during the day (in case of absence or no response, contact the volunteer coordination team).
  • Collect the equipment needed for your activity and check if its working before handing it over to the volunteers.
  • Keep in touch with your volunteers to check their presence at their post, to manage incidents and to check their departure from their post at the end of their shift.
  • Return equipment at the end of the day.
  • Report any incidents to the volunteer coordinator.
  • They give you a job description.
  • They train you to your mission.
  • They supply the equipment you and your team need.
  • They Remind you of general and specific safety instructions for the mission.
  • They Take into account the reports of incidents.


In order to prepare Enjoy Vélos Épinal, several volunteer meetings are organized.

If you cannot attend these meetings, a report will be sent to you so that everyone has the information they need. 


Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 :

Volunteers informations meeting: 
for volunteers managers and coordinators.
for the volunteers.

  • Short presentation of the event,
  • Introduction of volunteers managers and coordinators,
  • Detailed informations about each volunteer’s tasks,
  • Time for discussion between volunteers managers, coordinators, and their teams.

Followed by a moment for questions and answers around a delicious aperitif, in the festive atmosphere of Enjoy Vélos Épinal. 


Sunday, May 5, 2024 :

Closing of the fair + volunteers party 

16h30 : Let’s all meet on Sunday to close the doors of this large fair, together and in good mood! 
20h00 : Then, we invite you to a big volunteers party to share  a meal together and celebrate the successful completion of this wonderful event we have accomplished collectively. A unique moment to thank you for your important help. 

1 – What is a Super Volunteers? 

A Super Volunteer is someone who participates in the organization of Enjoy Vélos. They are entrusted with various tasks according to their preferences. They are also enthusiastic, motivated, and ready to cheer on the participants of the various races and rides.

Becoming a Super Volunteer at Enjoy Vélos is an opportunity to be fully involved in the event’s organization and discover it from a different perspective, all in a friendly atmosphere.

2 – What are the benefits of being a Super Volunteers? 

A €35 discount, which can cover at least the cost of the festival pass, allowing you to enjoy bike tests for free or participate in a ride of your choice.

Complete organization gear including a T-shirt, tote bag, and other surprises.

A dedicated area for volunteers, meal provisions, and a special volunteer evening on Sunday to celebrate the end of Enjoy Vélos in style.

And many more things to discover on-site! 🙂

3 – How can I sign up as a volunteer for Enjoy Vélos?

Simply fill out the « volunteer registration » form.

4 – What are thie différent roles that Super Volunteers can take on at Enjoy Vélos?

Resupply zone, signaller, marking/unmarking… Find all the festival missions here.

Make your choice, and we will do our best to accommodate it according to the event’s needs. Regardless of your gender, whether you are a cyclist or not, whether you are available for 1, 2, 3, or 6 days… we welcome all volunteers aged 16 and over to join Enjoy Vélos’ wonderful team to help us organize this great celebration of cycling pleasures.

5 – When do Super Volunteers receive their convening? 

By email, approximately three weeks before the event. In this convening, you will find:

  • Your volunteer diary.
  • The role(s) assigned to you.
  • The Super Volunteer Guide, also available here.
  • Practicals informations (meal provisions, access map, meeting points, etc.).  

6 – How are volunteers informations communicated? 

> Every month, a special volunteer newsletter is sent to all volunteers with important information.

> Via email and personalized phone calls with one of the volunteer coordinators.

> For more direct information and to allow you to interact with other volunteers, a Facebook page has been dedicated to Vélo Vert Festival volunteers. A very useful way to exchange more easily with your volunteers coordination team.

Facebook : @Volunteers Enjoy Vélos

Instagram : @Super_volunteers

7 – What are the different volunteer meetings/gatherings? 

The volunteers informations meeting will take place on the Thursday before the start of Enjoy Vélos.

There will be a grand walk of the volunteers to close the Enjoy Vélos event on Sunday, followed by a special volunteers party! It’s a privileged moment to thank you and celebrate all together the end of this beautiful event.

8 – What is the timing for Super Volunteers at the event (before, during, after)?

It all depends on the assigned tasks. Feel free to ask the volunteers coordinators for more information about this.

9 – Where and how do Super Volunteers collect their volunteer gear? 

Volunteers equipments (t-shirt, bag, and surprises) will be available for pickup during the volunteers informations meeting on the Thursday before the event starts.

For volunteers who cannot attend this meeting, their equipment will be available at the Volunteers Area throughout the event.

10 – Do Super Volunteers need to bring their own food during the day? 

In the morning, you can enjoy coffee and some treats at the Volunteers Area. Later during the day, you will receive a complete meal basket* to replenish your energy during the event.

Don’t forget about the drinks and the grand volunteers dinner organized on Sunday evening after the closure of the salon. It’s a chance to come together, celebrate the end of Enjoy Vélos, and properly thank you for your great help.

*This meal basket is provided to volunteers who are on meal duty or performing volunteer tasks both in the morning and afternoon. The same applies to meals and tasks related to the evening event.

11 – What are the things not to forget on the day of the event? 

Your complete Super Volunteer outfit and your badge.

The “Organization Parking” document if you are coming by vehicle to the Festival.

Water bottle, sunscreen, rain gear, etc. depending on the weather.

12 – What time do Super Volunteers finish their day?

Depending on the different missions assigned to you, the end time of your shift varies. It could end around 12 p.m. if you’re only volunteering in the morning, around 6 p.m., or in the evening for volunteers on night courses/rides.

13 – Do Super Volunteers have access to reserved parking? 

Yes 🙂 Simply place the “Organization Parking” pass on the front of your car so that it is visible.

We’re waiting for you! 🙂

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Contact the volunteer coordination team!

Clémence, volunteers manager

Mobile phone : 07 68 68 56 66 // Mail :