Cyclotourism, a true symbiosis between the passion for cycling and the discovery of new horizons.

One destination, one cyclist

Each person has their own way of cycling and their own way of discovering new horizons, and the same goes for destinations. Each has its own charm and characteristics offering a multitude of possibilities.

Whether you are looking for adrenaline on mountain trails or a relaxing coastal getaway, there is always a destination waiting to be explored offering a unique cycling experience. Come and discover them at Enjoy Vélos Épinal. 



Bikepacking & accessoires

From the handlebar bag to the super-compact bivouac tent, including stoves, mattresses and other innovative accessories, everything is gathered at this exhibition where bicycle travel takes centre stage. A real source of inspiration and an opportunity to choose wisely for fans eager to embark on their next bike destinations with a light heart.

Meet the tourism operators

At the heart of the fair, come and meet various operators in French and foreign tourism promoting their cycling destinations. With carefully planned routes, breathtaking panoramas, and services tailored to cyclists, it is a true invitation to discover each territory by bike. Cycle tourism, much more than just a ride, is an immersion in landscapes and cultures !

Whether you are a lover of leisurely bike rides or sports challenges on steep roads, the tourism operators present at Enjoy Vélos Épinal exhibition are preparing tailor-made itineraries for you.


You are a tourism operator and would like to participate in the Enjoy Vélos Épinal fair: