The conditions defined hereafter apply as of the subscription of the packages (« Pass ») proposed within the framework of the events organized by Vélo Vert. 

1.1 Your registration to an event organized by Chlorobike is valid as soon as your payment is made, which triggers the sending of an email confirming your registrations made on our platform.

1.2 Any registration to an event organized by Chlorobike implies the acceptance of the aforementioned rules and regulations posted at the entrance or at the departure of each outdoor activity or event (rides, tests, competitions, animations or challenges).

1.3 The events organized by Chlorobike propose circuits in hikes and timed tests, as well as outdoor leisure activities.

1.4 The outdoor activities are open to registered children, from 4 years old.

1.5 Mountain bike activities are open to all registered children from the age of 4 (parental authorization required for minors).

1.6 The purchase and the withdrawal of a registration to one of the events organized by Chlorobike (called « Pass ») whatever it is can be done only by an adult person (+ of 18 years).

2.1 Purchases of day or weekend passes must be made on the website of the event concerned.

2.2 Purchases of day or weekend Passes are possible on site, subject to availability.

2.3 The offers are valid as long as they appear and at the price displayed on the event’s website, within the limit of available registrations.

2.4 Registrants must pick up their Pass and their festival pack at the Registration area of the event concerned.

3.1 Any person who books for one or more other person(s) is jointly and severally responsible for the payment of the full registration fee.

3.2 For a registration to be valid, full payment must be made on the registration area of the Event’s website.

3.3 All payments made on the platform of one of the events organized by Chlorobike can be made by Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, American Express. Bank or postal transfers, checks and money orders are not accepted.

3.4 During one of the events organized by Chlorobike, the payments made on the spot on the dedicated « registration » area can be the dedicated « registration » area can be made by Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard, American Express, check or cash.

3.5 The purchase of a « Pass » falls into the category of the purchase of leisure services provided on a specific date or according to a specific period within the meaning of article L.121-20-4 of the French Consumer Code. Thus, persons purchasing a « Pass » do not have the right of withdrawal.

Chlorobike reserves the right to modify and update these terms and conditions at any time, which should be consulted regularly.

Chlorobike will inform you by any means, including the publication of a revised version of these terms and conditions on the website of the event.

5.1 Changes to registrations will be accepted on an exceptional basis, up to 21 days before the official opening of on-site registration, upon written request and presentation of supporting documents. We cannot guarantee a positive response.

5.2 A pass exchange is provided and possible in the case of a selection of a test option or an extension of the Festival Pass with 1-day test option, modified into a Festival Pass with 2-day test option valid for the entire weekend.

To request a modification as described above, please contact inscriptions@velovertfestival.com

5.3 Requests for private modifications (name, e-mail address etc..) can be addressed to our webmaster.

Please contact him at this address: webmaster@velovertfestival.com

5.4 No request for modification can be taken into consideration the day of arrival on the event.

Only people who have not benefited from freebies can resell their registration on : www.facebook.com or forum.velovert.com

Any person having to be replaced by another person if this person meets all the conditions of the contract, must inform the organization of this transfer at the latest 21 days before the official opening of the registrations on the event by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to be sent to the following address Vélo Vert Magazine 15, rue Claude Monet – BP22 – 78420 Carrières-sur-Seine or by email to inscriptions@enjoyvelos.com indicating the following:

– your name, first name(s) and address

– surname, first name, address, date of birth of the person replacing you

– e-mail and telephone number of the substitute

– type and license number of the substitute

– type of Pass subscribed

– t-shirt size

– bike size

– registration number and a copy of the registration confirmation letter or e-mail.

After receiving the said registered letter or e-mail, a confirmation of registration will be sent to the third party replacing you. You and the third party replacing you will be jointly and severally responsible for the payment of the total price of the registrations and any expenses incurred by the transfer (e.g. shipping costs, etc.).

No waiting list is proposed by the organization, however it remains possible to benefit from a transfer of Pass or event by consulting the ads on : www.facebook.com ou forum.velovert.com

All commitments are firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever.

A refund solution will be proposed to the participants in case of cancellation of the event for health reasons.

Independently, the organization will nevertheless examine individual requests for reimbursement for medical reasons, the request must be made by email to organisation@enjoyvelos.com accompanied by medical proof at the latest one day before the opening of registrations on site.

– If this request is made more than 15 days before the start of the event concerned, the registration fees of the person concerned will be refunded in full.

– If this request is made less than 15 days before the start of the event concerned, the registration fee of the person concerned will be reimbursed up to 50% upon presentation of a valid medical document.

In the context of equipment testing, the tester must take care of the equipment and materials lent to him/her during his/her participation in the event to which he/she has subscribed. The tester must use the equipment appropriately and, more generally, follow any instructions and/or recommendations that may be communicated to him/her.

In the event of loss and/or negligence resulting in damage, the tester agrees, at the lender’s option, to either replace or reimburse the damaged and lost equipment and/or materials, at the tester’s expense. In case of replacement accepted by the lender, it is understood that the replacement must consist of material or equipment strictly identical to that initially loaned, which is presumed to be in good working order.

If at any time, the tester has the impression that the borrowed equipment or/and material is not functioning properly, he/she will immediately stop using it and notify the brand’s representative so that the latter can proceed with a verification and undertake, if necessary, the repair or the possible adjustments.

The test routes are reserved for bike and accessory testing for all Festival Pass holders with a 1-day or 2 days test option, and/or Premium Pass:

– X-Country Test Routes

– E-Bike test loop

– Enduro test course

– DH Test Routes

– Gravel Test Course

The Organization reserves the right to cancel the Test Pass to any person who performs a mountain bike test on the events of the program or any other route not mentioned above, in order to ensure the availability of mountain bikes and the rotation of tests between participants.

The Organization reserves the right to make any changes to the route and therefore to its mileage and/or elevation gain without prior notice.

Within the framework of an event organized by Chlorobike. The use of ski lifts is to be expected. Access to the latter is forbidden to children under 12 years of age without the accompaniment of an adult.

The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of non-operation or closure of the said Ski Lifts (Gondola and Chairlift) giving access to the courses of the event concerned.

In consultation with the persons in charge of the operation and safety of the ski lifts, the Organization reserves the right to block the access to the ski lifts or to cancel an event if the climatic conditions or their evolution (fog, snow…) can put in danger the participants.

12.1 Each participant must have a personal liability insurance.

12.2 In the event of an accident caused by the participant, rescue and medical expenses will be covered by the participant’s personal insurance (helicopter and hospitalization expenses in particular). The Organization has taken out a personal accident and medical assistance policy on behalf of the participants (attach a copy of the policy to the insurance policy).

12.3 The Organizer takes out an Organizer Civil Liability insurance policy. By insured, we mean the Organizer as well as persons who volunteer to assist the organization and who are third parties, when they do not meet the conditions allowing them to benefit from the legislation on work-related accidents. This insurance also covers accidents caused by participants to spectators.

12.4 The Organizer declines all responsibility for loss, theft or damage to equipment (in the case of bicycle loans) or individual equipment.

13.1 Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the various activities offered. If not, they will be refused access to the ski lifts.

13.2 The wearing of a rigid mountain bike helmet that meets CE standards and gloves are mandatory, the wearing of glasses is recommended. On downhill trails and events, protective gear (full-face helmet, knee pads, back protectors and elbow pads) is highly recommended for tests and mandatory for events.

13.3 A minimum repair kit is required: 2 inner tubes, pump, patches, chain drift, Allen keys and a first aid kit.

13.4 The weather in the mountains is very changeable and thunderstorms are frequent, so bring warm clothing and rain gear. Warn before you leave if you are venturing out alone on a mountain trail.

13.5 Respect for the Highway Code is mandatory on roads open to traffic.

13.6 In case of an accident, inform the marshals in place or the central rescue station at the number given on site (present on each frame plate, serving as a Festival Pass).

14.1 For their own safety, participants must comply with the instructions given by the Organizer via the staff and volunteers present on the course.

14.2 Any abandonment must be reported to the Organization (first aid post, refreshment point or nearest staff). In the absence of information on an abandonment, the participant will have to take charge of the means implemented for its search.

14.3 Each participant declares that he/she accepts with full knowledge of the risks involved in cycling and that he/she will use the proposed itineraries only under his/her own responsibility and appreciation.

The participation to an event organized by Chlorobike requires a good physical condition, which implies that the participant recognizes in particular :

– not to be under medication affecting his/her physical or intellectual capacities,

– not to be pregnant, nor to have given birth for less than 6 months (see the indications of your doctor in this case)

– not suffer from heart problems or joint fragility (ankles, knees, tendonitis, ligaments, etc.)

– have a good knowledge of your physical capacities and limits

– not be subject to asthma or epilepsy attacks

– not to be under the influence of alcohol and/or substances affecting his/her intellectual or physical capacities.

The participant also undertakes to respect the instructions and safety rules that may be provided to him/her, in addition to wearing a helmet under all circumstances, respecting the rules of the Highway Code and exercising caution and discernment in the context of his/her movements and the use of the material and equipment loaned. The participant is aware that cycling is a risky activity, which can lead to accidents, injuries or death and he/she accepts, with full knowledge, to bear the risks inherent to this activity. Therefore, the participant releases the Chlorobike company as well as the other companies and partners present at the event concerned, including their representatives and employees, from any responsibility concerning the theft of his/her personal belongings including his/her bike, whatever its nature, resulting from negligence in the selection, installation, maintenance, adjustment and use of the equipment and materials.

When participating in the timed events and cycling activities of an event organized by Chlorobike, the participant agrees to present the following documents when subscribing online or when collecting his registration:

* FFC licence holder: the current year’s licence with the mention competition

* FSGT or UFOLEP license: the license of the current year. Please note that the discipline « cycling » must be mentioned and the medical certificate must be validated.

* Non-licensed: provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of cycling in competition dating less than 12 months at the time of registration (original, scan or photocopy).

The participant agrees to be present at the briefing of the event or activity and that his bike is in perfect working order and equipped with a front and rear brake. The participant agrees to wear the required protective gear (helmets, gloves, etc.) and to ride the entire circuit, without leaving the marked route, without deliberately taking shortcuts, and respecting the rules of the road on roads open to traffic. The participant also agrees to respect the human, animal, natural, vegetal and urban environment (for example, he/she must not throw or leave garbage in nature, on the roads or any other place. He must keep them on him and deposit them in the selective sorting garbage cans provided by the Organization). The participant agrees not to contest the decisions of the organizers or local authorities and to respect the injunctions of the organizers. He commits himself to respect the rules of the event or activity.

17.1 Each participant authorizes Chlorobike, publisher of  » Vélo Vert Magazine « , and/or any individual and/or legal entity that would substitute it, as well as any third party acting on its behalf, to use, reproduce and adapt the photos, still or audiovisual images on which he/she could appear during his/her participation in an event organized by Chlorobike, and this, on all useful media (including promotional and/or advertising documents), on any private or open, national or international telecommunication network (in particular Internet, Intranet, Extranet) in unlimited number, in all materials, all colors and all formats. This authorization is granted free of charge, for the longest period provided for by the law, regulations and applicable treaties in force, including any extensions that may be made to this period, and for the entire world.

17.2 When collecting their Passes, each participant agrees to be photographed by the Organization. The passport photo taken on site guarantees the smooth running of the Organization (control of access to the tests and activities) and its security. This photo is made available free of charge to the participant in his or her personal online space on the website dedicated to the event.

Chlorobike undertakes to comply with its obligations in terms of personal data protection in accordance with the regulations in force in France as issued from the law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, known as the « Informatique et Libertés » law, and the EU Regulation 2016/679 of May 25, 2018 on data protection known as « RGPD ».

Chlorobike informs you that it will collect and process your personal data in its capacity as data controller, for the following purposes:

(i) Management of your registration to the events and the purchase of Passes ;

(ii) Administrative management;

(iii) Follow-up of disputes and disagreements relating to these terms and conditions.

Your personal data likely to be collected by Chlorobike are the following: name, first name, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, measurements (height, weight).

Your personal data are exclusively collected to meet legal or regulatory obligations

(accounting, tax obligations, etc.) which are incumbent on Chlorobike, and to meet the legitimate interests of Chlorobike (management and follow-up of the commercial relationship within the framework of your registration to the events and the purchase of the Passes, or within the framework of the follow-up of the litigations relating to the present general conditions).

Chlorobike may allow its subcontractors (in the sense of the RGPD) a temporary and secured access to some of your personal data, in particular for the purposes of carrying out the tasks necessary for the administrative management, the follow-up of your registrations and purchases of Passes, or in the event of a possible litigation. Chlorobike will keep your personal data for the duration necessary for the processing, and more precisely for the duration of the execution of the present general conditions to which is added the prescription period of any related action.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification and deletion, limitation, opposition and your right to the portability of your data by sending a letter to the address of the Chlorobike head office. You can also address a complaint to the National Commission of Data processing and Freedoms (CNIL).