Within the framework of the Enjoy Vélos Épinal, a bike market is organized in the festival fair.

An ideal opportunity to sell your old bike or to buy one at the best price.



Bicycle drop-off : from 08:00

Opening to the public :  9:00 to 17:00

Drop offs from from 17:00



per bike dropped off


commission retained on the sale price from 0 to 500 €


commission retained on the sale price over 501€



09:00 - 17:00




The company CHLOROBIKE, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of 47092 €, located in Carrières sur Seine (78420) – 15, rue Claude Monet, registered in the Versailles Trade and Companies Register under number 352 438 550, represented by Mr. Christophe JOBIC, in his capacity as Director.

Hereinafter referred to as “The Organizer“.

Article 1 – Purpose

The Chlorobike company organizes on Sunday, May 5th, 2024, a bicycle market open to individuals and professionals. This bike market will take place on “Le Petit Champ de Mars” in Epinal.

Article 2 – Bicycle deposit

The deposit is permanent on Sunday, May 5th 2024 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
The seller commits himself on the honor on the legality of the origin of the deposited articles, he will have to present an identity paper at the time of the deposit and his coordinates can be communicated to the buyer if he makes the request.

Only a bike in good condition will be accepted.
The organizer reserves the right to refuse any equipment that it deems to be in poor working order.
An identity document will be required for any equipment deposit.
The deposited bike is under the sole responsibility of the depositor. Chlorobike cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage of equipment during the fair.
The organizer reserves the right to refuse any bike without justification.

Article 3 – Terms of sale

The sale to be effective must be registered and cashed in full by the organizer. The seller himself if he wishes it will be able to bring advice and explanations on the deposited bike, but will not be able to lower the price of the deposited bike without the prior agreement of the organizer. Chlorobike does not guarantee the sale of the bikes entrusted within the framework of the bike exchange, but undertakes to do everything possible to facilitate it. The sale is firm and final.

Payment can be made exclusively by credit card (Visa, Mastercard). Payments by cash and checks will not be allowed.

Article 4 – Bicycle deposit rate

All types of bikes are accepted (road, mountain bike, hybride bike, city, children …..). Any person depositing one or more bikes will have to pay the sum of 2€ per bike and will receive in exchange a numbered coupon corresponding to the bikes deposited.

Article 5 – Bicycle sale price

A commission of 10% of the selling price will be asked to the seller for the benefit of the organizer for a price range going up to 500€, this commission will be reduced to 5% for the range superior to 501€. In case of dispute, a copy of the deposit form will be sent to the seller.

Article 6 – Payment to the seller and withdrawal of unsold bikes

As soon as the price of the bike has been registered and collected in full, the organizer will proceed with the payments to the seller,
after deduction of the commissions set out in Article 5 of these rules.
The return will be made by bank transfer within 48 hours.

The withdrawal of unsold bicycles will only take place on Sunday, May 5th 2024 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
The bikes can only be returned upon presentation of the numbered coupon given by the organizer.
Bicycles not collected will be acquired by the organizer who will give them back to a charity of his choice or will take care of their destruction.

Article 7 – Release of responsibility

Chlorobike shall not be held responsible for any damage to the bikes during the event.
In any case, Chlorobike shall do its utmost to ensure that the bikes are returned in the same condition as they were left.

Article 8 – Teminal clause

The deposit of a bike implies full acceptance of the present rules.